Linkedin lead generation
Turn your contacts into prospects.
Prospect like a sherlock
LeadRadar is your one-in-all LinkedIn lead generation tool. We unveil ample prospect information including names, emails, titles, industries, positions, locations and all the stuff you need to start rocking the deal.
personalize communication
Our tool enables you to send customized messages to LinkedIn prospects with unlimited templates that add a personalized touch to your first knock on the door.
automate interaction
Schedule your routine sales-activities in a snap. Add new prospects to favorites, add them to your 1st degree connections via direct integration with LinkedIn advanced people search.
Send Message View Profiles Collect Leads Send request
Automation Schedule
Adjust and run your lead generation campaigns in a lean and predictable way. Increase your response rates by setting proper timings for any interaction, including messaging, profile visits, lead collection and connection requests.
Contact Flow Management
Organize and tag your contacts, add comments and monitor their pipeline status.
  • Kandice Cowdell
  • CEO, Bell Designs
  • Group: CEO's
  • Warren Murphy
  • CTO, DevLabs
  • Tags: Development, ISV's
  • James Lesly
  • Designer, Yellow Rabbit
  • Status: Qualified
Kandice Cowdell
CEO, Bell Designs
Profile Viewer
Remind your contacts of you. Set your desired prospect criteria and view multiple LinkedIn profiles in a blink, so that they think you care. And we know you do.

"LeadRadar has been essential in helping our sales team facilitate sales intelligence. Geared up with LeadRadar as our core lead generation solution, we gained a double increase in lead quantity and closed four 50k+ deals during the first month. Taking advantage of LeadRadar's intuitive simplicity, our junior solution advisers managed to gain first traction in getting prospects within the first days of use of the tool."

Roman Diakoff
VP of Business Development,
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